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Depending on where you are shipping a car from there are a wide array of transport options that can be used. One of those is Roll on Roll off shipping. 

Named after the fact cars are driven or rolled onto a ship that is quite similar to a ferry in that the back of the vessel opens up to allow for loading of the vehicles. 

At the destination they are rolled off the ferry ready to be transported to their next destination. These are highly specialised ships designed for the transport of a large amount of vehicles without the need to load them in containers. 

With container shipping it can often cost more due to the fact vehicles need to be loaded into the container and the additional work surrounding the processing of the vehicles. 

Without that additional expenditure, shipping vehicles in this fashion is often cheaper and it is the chosen method for transporting a large number of vehicles. 

For most of our private customers we will more than often use container shipping, but from some regions it can be cheaper to use RoRo. 

Where can you RoRo a car from?

There are quite a few companies where you can ship your car from in this fashion. It’s often popular because of how cheap it can be so most major routes are covered around the world. 

Although for longer distances we will usually always recommend container shipping. 

Is RoRo a fast way to ship my car?

It is relatively fast when compared to the traditional route of container shipping but you have to factor in when the vessels are leaving, and whether or not they are full! 

If you get in touch with a quote form we can best advise the fastest way to get your car here. Although speed is one part of the shipping process, we always aim to make sure your vehicle arrives safely. 

RoRo vessels comprise of multiple decks where the cars are driven into, parked, and then secured. This means that they can fit a large number of vehicles into the space. 
The vessels are incredibly safe and usually the only damage that could occur is during the loading process.
However, the people loading your vehicles are the same people who do it for large automotive companies so rest assured that issues rarely occur. 
Ports Offering RoRo Services

Ports Offering RoRo Services

Port Country Continent
Port of Antwerp Belgium Europe
Port of Bremerhaven Germany Europe
Port of Rotterdam Netherlands Europe
Port of Southampton United Kingdom Europe
Port of Baltimore United States North America
Port of Brunswick United States North America
Port of Halifax Canada North America
Port of Veracruz Mexico North America
Port of Durban South Africa Africa
Port of Lagos Nigeria Africa
Port of Melbourne Australia Oceania
Port of Auckland New Zealand Oceania